Global Effort

Two decades after the Beijing conference, it is clear that progress is possible—and equally clear that there is more work to do.  What remains lacking twenty years post-Beijing is the financial support and political will required to implement the Beijing platform and the legal improvements it has inspired in nations and communities around the world.  It is only when governments, multilateral organizations, philanthropic institutions, and the private sector muster the resources and will to elevate issues related to gender equality and ensure implementation of new legal and regulatory frameworks that we will finally realize the promise of the Beijing conference.

Much has been accomplished since the adoption of the Beijing Platform 1995: the gender gap in primary education has virtually closed on a global level.  The rate of maternal mortality has been halved.  More nations have constitutions and laws on the books to prohibit discrimination and violence against women.  And recognition of the relationship between women’s empowerment and economic growth and stability has grown.


Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Human Trafficking

International Rescue Committee

Open Society Foundations

Refugees International

UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking


Alliance for International Women’s Rights

Alliance Against Modern Slavery

CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking)

Cherie Blair Foundation

Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights 

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women


Equality Now 

Femmes Africa Solidarité 

Global Action to Prevent War and Armed Conflict on Women, Peace and Security

Global Justice Center  

International Center for Research on Women 

Shared Hope International 

The Institute for Inclusive Security

The Girl Effect 

NATO Women, Peace and Security

UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization on Women and Gender Equality

UN Development fund for Women / UN Women

Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

Women’s Action for New Directions

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom 

Women’s Refugee Commission


Child Rights information network

Child Protection Working Group

GIRLS Rights

Kids in Need of Defense

Save the Children

UN International Children’s Emergency Fund

UN High Commissioner for Refugees