• Bullying,  Mental Health

    Youth and suicide prevention.

    Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people, and if the kids are being bullied or suffering from some sort of mental health condition, it is far more likely they would consider attempting suicide.

  • Bullying,  Mental Health

    #thatsnotlove, warning signs every parent should be aware of

    Now that February 14th is almost here we have to think about our children’s relationships, is hard to perceive any kind of abuse if there is no communication, but even if the proper channels are not open to have a talk with them, there are warning signs every parent must be aware of. Have you ever seen your teenage “sweetheart”: • Try to stop him/her from seeing or talking to family or friends? • Called him/her derogatory nicknames, put him/her down, or made fun of him/her? • Threaten or scare him/her? • Bite, slap, push, hit or kick him/her? • Pressure or force him/her to do something sexual when is…