No woman or girl left behind

Next year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2019 proposed by UN Women is

“Think equal, build smart, innovate for change”.

Let’s work together and reach out to industry leaders, start-ups, social entrepreneurs, public leaders and everyone who can help to remove barriers to access education, safe workspaces and accelerate progress that meets the needs of women and girls.

UN Women theme focuses on “innovative ways” to advance gender equality and empowerment specifically for the protection of women and girls (at school, home, work), to ensure access to public services and sustainable infrastructure.

Innovation and technology provide unprecedented opportunities, yet trends indicate a growing gender digital divide and women are under-represented in the field of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and design.

The power of procurement: How to source from women-owned businesses shows how investing and integrating women-owned businesses into corporate supply chains is good for business, because they contribute significantly to the world economy, generating millions of new employment opportunities.

The UN Women guide provides “a deeper understanding of the barriers and challenges” that prevent women from accessing values chains. It also provides tools and techniques to reduce such barriers.

Entrepreneurship offers a path to economic empowerment

We need to work together and reach out to more business and philanthropic leaders that can make a difference in the effort to achieve gender equality so no woman or girl is left behind.